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  • Is there a minimum order to get free shipping?
    Unless promoted, there is currently no way of receiving free shipping. As a start up company, we must charge shipping fees at the moment to keep things running smoothly. We are working on low-cost shipping and free shipping.
  • Can we pick up instead of having our order shipped?
    Of course! If you are local, or want to make the drive down here we are open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. Our address is as follows: 1525 Marlborough Ave, Ste D. Riverside, CA 92507. Pick up orders are ready the next business day.
  • Is wholesale available for retail locations?
    Yes! Please contact us at to speak with a representative about selling Mango Loco in your store.
  • Can we choose different flavors for our order?
    Currently, we do not offer a BYO pack. We are working on having this option available soon. The closest option available is the variety pack. It comes with 12 containers; one of each flavor and 4 random containers.
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